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Since the dawn of time, asgatech presence had an impact on software solutions, in addition to facilitating many lives. Since the software culture emerged, there were only a few software centers around; it was challenging for people in the MENA region to find that one center that could understand and fulfill their requirements. Therefore, in 2003, asgatech accepted the challenge. Hence the first Arabic tongue software house in the middle east. Our expertise got trusted by the most leading companies in this area like Nokia and BlackBerry. Due to our cultural background, we were chosen to develop an Islamic application which was one of a kind at that time. Our Islamic organizer that includes prayer times, campus, and calendar, was certified by Al-Azhar committee. In addition to developing the Quran application that displays Quran in both audio and video. There were violent changes across the years in the software industry, so as asgatech. We couldn’t disappoint our clients in addition to giving our competitors an idol. Thus, we have added to our skillset tones of the newest technologies. We were pioneers in the marketplace concept; asgatech and Nokia had collaborated to educate the crowd about downloading all the desired apps from one place. Apple, it was not you!

In 2009, due to our domestic development, we were trusted by the governmental sectors, start-ups, and more. Now we are a well-known benchmark for enterprise mobility solutions in the MENA region. We are Microsoft Partners since 2010, our relation was developed in different dimensions in a geographical dimension we are partners with them in KSA, UAE, and Egypt and we did execute several projects using its technologies. In education we are a strategic partner with Microsoft, we’ve implemented several projects in high education as well we did develop our cloud base class management solution. In 2013 we became a Silver Partner and in 2015 we became a managed partner in Egypt. Since asgatech establishment in 2003, until now. We are leading in the digital transformation movement, offering our services with distinguished expertise and world vision. Throughout the years, we developed high-performance, innovative, and accurate deliverables.

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We use IT services to empower our partners & clients in various business industries. We are also pleased to be part of the digital transformation process. We are passionate about customer’s brand awareness, lovability, engagement, and loyalty. Our mission across the years is to tame new technologies to meet our client requirements and business need, in addition to providing an open-source solution, CMS customization, and implementation. Though the importance of software development, we offer other essential services for your existing business and products.

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